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Senior Data Science Manager

Full Time

About the Role

You want to be a foundational member of the team building our transformative models for insurance pricing and underwriting. You will work directly with our co-founders including our CTO, CEO, Chief Insurance Officer, and others. Your work will be pivotal to shaping FutureProof's product.

You are an experienced data science manager. You demonstrate tenacity, creativity, resilience, and leadership, enabling you to organize and lead projects, overcome challenges, and propose solutions. You are an outstanding communicator.

You want to be part of a company that is changing how insurance and the broader financial sector respond to climate risk. You are inspired to bring new climate solutions to the market. You thrive in dynamic environments.


About the Company

FutureProof is a fast-moving, venture-backed insurtech startup that is on a mission to create the first insurer that is truly climate-smart. We are a small team with a big vision.

We believe that the world will only have the incentive to make needed investments in climate adaptation once insurance properly prices climate risk. We have used machine learning in innovative ways to price climate risk from floods and hurricane winds with unprecedented granularity. On the basis of these models, we are building new insurance products that will increase financial and physical resilience to climate change.

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