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FutureProof’s trailblazing analytics allow financial professionals to operationalize climate change risk in their decision-making, leveraging our unique expertise in finance, insurance, and climate science.


What we provide

Dollar value of current and future climate-linked damages to physical structures
Probability of climate-linked default, and loss given default, on mortgages

What makes us unique

We are the first climate risk analytics firm calibrating our models using machine learning and econometric techniques on asset-level, highly accurate data on monetary losses
We combine these statistical models with leading scientific models projecting frequency and severity of climate perils, to project climate impacts in dollars-and-cents terms
We deliver actionable insights to customers in cloud-based software





For Insurers

Insurance professionals understand the limits of existing risk models, which are largely based on backward-looking data and do not capture the impacts of climate change on P&C risks.


FutureProof provides a fresh assessment of risks today, taking account of intensified risks due to climate change, to complement the insurance industry’s existing models.

For Asset Managers

Asset managers need to operationalize the risks and opportunities that climate change creates.


FutureProof assesses the financial implications of climate risk, integrating seamlessly with both climate reporting guidelines, and with a discounted cash flow analysis of asset value.

For Banks

As climate perils intensify, banking professionals need new tools to assess and manage these risks in financial terms.


FutureProof quantifies the cost of damages from physical climate risks, as well as the implications for the probability of default and loss given default on debt.


FutureProof Technologies is a venture-backed financial analytics software company specializing in physical climate risks. FutureProof has offices in San Diego and Silicon Valley.



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